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Step 1: Personal Info

  • Number of Dependants

Step 2: Loan Requirements & Purpose

Please state the exact loan amount required:

How soon do you need the loan?

  • Do you have evidence? Yes No
  • Do you have evidence? Yes No
  • Other: please specify

Which categories describe the usage of your loan (multiple categories may be selected):

  • Other: Please state

Please tell us more about why you require this loan, please be as detailed as possible in relation to the categories chosen above:

Who will directly benefit from this loan and how?

Please attach any evidence that supports your application for this loan (e.g bills, letters, legal documents, etc.

Step 3: Loan Repayment Details (Based on a successful application):

How quickly do you anticipate to repay the loan?

Please select how you commit to repaying back the loan:

If you have chosen lump sum, please enter the date you anticipate to pay the lump sum back:

From which source of income/money do you anticipate to repay the loan (e.g. salary, investment, inheritance, etc):

Are you willing to put up collateral from personal items/assets to secure this loan?

If yes please enter the details of the collateral you are willing to put up:

Please attach evidence that you own the collateral:

Step 4: Further Details & Evidence :

Are you a UK resident?

Are you on job seekers allowance?

If yes, please attach proof of residency (e.g. Bill, Passport Copy, Driving Licence, etc):

What is your religion?

Are you currently employed?

Do you hold a valid driving licence:

Do you have any other pending loan applications with charities?

If yes to the above please give more details:

Please state anything else that you may feel may support your application:

Please attach any other documents that may support your application:

Please attach your passport copy (photo & visa page is applicable):

Please attach a proof of address (e.g. recent utility bill, bank statement, phone bill):

Where did you come to find out about GLC? Please mention below:

Step 5: Professional Character Reference

In order for your application to be processed we need 2 professional character references of people outside of your family and who have professional occupations (Imaam, Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Lawyer, Teacher, Bank Manager, Council Worker, Professor, MP, etc. GLC will contact them confidentially and will NOT disclose your application, personal information or any thing else within your application. You may notify your character reference that GLC will be in touch. Failure to provide 2 full valid character references could result in your application being disqualified.

Professional Character Reference 1:

  • First Name
  • Second Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Company/Organsation Name
  • Company/Organisation Address

Professional Character Reference 2:

  • First Name
  • Second Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Company/Organsation Name
  • Company/Organisation Address

Your application is now complete and ready to be submitted

In order to submit your application please click on the button below, however before doing so please ensure that you have not made any mistakes, distorted the truth or missed any essential questions. GLC conducts thorough checks and if GLC finds applications to be contradictory in any way then these applications will be disqualified. We hope that GLC can help you in your time of need In Sha Allah.

A member of GLC may contact you to clarify your application or to discuss further, so please ensure that the email address you are submitting with the application is active and checked on a regular basis. If your application is rejected, GLC will make every attempt to signpost you to appropriate organisations who may be able to give you better assistance.

GET A GOODLY LOAN100% Interest (Riba) Free Loans | How it works:


1. Application

The first step is to apply for the goodly loan using the application wizard above, it will ask a series of questions which will all relate to either reasons for why you need a loan or verifications of your need for the loan.


2. Review & Verification

Once you have submitted the application an algorithm devised by GLC will be applied to your application and in certain circumstances a Shura of scholars will review the application, you may also be contacted in this stage.


3. Application Decision

After the review and verification process a decision will be made where GLC will either accept and transfer the loan to you, reject and signpost you to other organisation or simply reject the application based on a number of reasons.

Frequently Asked QuestionsUnsure about this service? Read the FAQs:

Is there any interest attached to these loans?

No, all loans provided are interest-free. GLC does not support the concept of interest and the entrapment of people who have no alternative but to go to loan sharks and banks.

Is there a catch? This looks too good to be true!

There is no catch in this; all genuine applications will be considered and no access to your assets will be required. This company has been set up as an interest- free loan company as an act of worship to God, by helping those in need.

Why are there no contact details on your website?

Due to wanting to help people as an act of devotion to God, those involved would like to have their contact details remain as anonymous to make this intention sincere.

Where does this loan money come from?

The money comes from the investors of the GLC. These investors are like-minded people who understand the constraints and implications of taking an interest based loan due to their personal bad experiences with interest-loans or due to their beliefs.

Who can apply for a loan?

Anyone who resides in the UK. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer loans to people residing in countries other than the UK. You must have a UK bank account and be able to provide all the evidences required in the application.

Will you definitely provide a loan?

We cannot guarantee that your loan application will be successful. If you don’t qualify for a loan according to our algorithm, we will sign post you to the most appropriate authorities to help you with your particular situation.

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